Making Live
Monitoring Work

The problem with Live Monitoring is there is simply too much to watch.

iCetana cuts through the noise to highlight the important events as they unfold.

We give you back control, moving your security from reactive to proactive.

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Our Solution:


It can be readily deployed into an existing CCTV network as a “plug-n-go” solution. The system requires no regular maintenance, leaving you to focus on what matters.


It automatically monitors live-video feeds, to self-learn what normally happens on each camera view. It then instantly alerts operators to any “unusual” events as they occur.


It can adapt to changes in the viewed environment to automatically detect a wide-range of incidents. It requires no pre-defined rules or custom-configuration.


It leverages a new form of motion detection that only reports significant rare or infrequent motion events. This equates on average to less than 1% of footage for review.


It is camera and VMS agnostic and is designed to work with all leading brands. It requires no pre-planning and can join new and existing systems easily.


It cost-effectively scales to organizations with thousands of cameras. It can grow easily with your organization's surveillance needs, keeping your security effective.